Winner: スナンちゃん (Snan-chan)

This page shows the election results for the Snan’s permanent name. Both rounds of voting have now concluded.

Voting took place in two rounds. In the first round, 484 valid ballots were cast, and the five most popular names were selected to continue to a second round of voting.

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The five final voting options were スナンちゃん (Snan-chan) (150 votes), snans rights (116 votes), Snan (113 votes), Specialized Nimble Advanced Intercity Lorry (S.N.A.I.L)* (103 votes) and 69Garbage_Ass69 (90 votes).

In the second round of voting, 657 valid voters took part, resulting in 9855 valid votes being cast.

This data counts the total number of votes for each name option. Remember, votes are weighted, so each 1st Preference vote counts for 5, and each 5th Preference vote counts for 1.

The graph below shows the spread of 1st Preference votes across each name option.