the snan plan

This page shows where we’ll be going next and where we’ve come from.

future trips

Trips in the Snan are largely going to be planned and voted on by the audience on Twitch. Below is the list of planned excursions:

  • Tour of Ireland 2024

    In May 2024 we will be taking the snail around the whole coast of Ireland, visiting all four provinces!

meet the snan at a car show

We’ll be at the following car shows where you’re very welcome to meet the Snan and take a look around him!


Here’s how we got to where we are now…

  • Ellen rediscovers the Nissan S Cargo

    2020: A Doug DeMuro video is what did it, and it sparked a love…

  • The interest reemerges

    December 2022: Twitch chat is also impressed when they see the snail-shaped van

  • A search begins…

    12th January 2023: Finding S Cargo vans in very good condition is difficult!

  • A Snan is found!

    15th January 2023: A UK-based classic car dealer has a fresh import in incredible condition, with only 50,000 miles (80,000 km)

  • Ellen puts down a deposit

    16th January 2023: The Snan is secured!

  • The Snail-o-thon succeeds!

    20th January 2023: Twitch Chat raises £5,500 towards the cost of the Snan in 24 hours.

  • Twitch Chat names the Snan スナンちゃん (Snan-chan)

    5th February 2023: After two rounds of intense voting, Twitch Chat settles on a permanent name for the Snan. Say hello to Snan-chan!

  • The DVLA confirms it expects to register the Snan soon

    The Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency has informed the Snan dealer that they expect to register the Snan on the week beginning March 13th.

  • Snail-o-thon 2 fully funds the Snan!

    14th March 2023: £7,500 has been raised for the little snail, 100% of its purchase cost.

  • The Snan is registered!

    20th March 2023: The DVLA has registered the snail and it’s time to pick it up this week!

  • The balance on the vehicle is paid

    21st March 2023: The Snan has been fully paid for and the dealer has received the payment!

  • We go to England to pick up the Snan

    22nd March 2023: The van is picked up from Middlesbrough, driven across England to Liverpool and jumps on the ferry across the Irish Sea home to Northern Ireland.

  • The Snan is home!

    23rd March 2023: The S-Cargo now resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  • The Snan gets fitted with permanent livestreaming equipment and a workspace

    The Snan was fitted with permanent livestreaming equipment and a workspace

upcoming treats

  • We enjoy the Snan!

    Journeys across Ireland, the UK and hopefully beyond await… live on Twitch!

Excited to see where the S-Cargo goes next?

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