The Snan is a 1989 Nissan S-Cargo, a snail-shaped van imported from Japan

The Nissan S-Cargo is a snail-shaped van (snail van, sn…van, snan!) made from 1989 by the Pike Factory in Japan, one of four stand-out quirky vehicles which have since developed a keen following both in Japan and around the world through vehicle exports. The S-Cargo was sold only in the Japanese market and only 8,000 were ever made, but they have since seen success in Australia and New Zealand where several thousand were sent, and with enthusiasts the world over!

The Snan parked in Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park just south of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The four famous Pike vehicles from the late 1980s and early 90s, the Be-1, the Pao, the Figaro and the S-Cargo.

My name is Ellen and I’ve got my hands on an excellent example of an S-Cargo and have brought it home to Northern Ireland where it will live for the foreseeable future. It was kindly funded by my chatters and viewers on Twitch, and was named スナンちゃん (Snan-chan) by them also! The S-Cargo has been an object of fascination for me for years, and I’m very excited to get my hands on one. I am keeping the snail as much as possible original and unmodified, and have set up the van to be suitable for video livestreaming on the road. I hope you can enjoy the Snan with us – it is an utter delight.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you can join on one of our adventures sometime soon!

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