The Snan is a community project part-funded by Twitch chat. In fact, it was chat’s support that made it even possible in the first place. Thank you to each and every one of you who’s made our silly little project come to fruition.

The Big Hitters

A surprising number of people have wanted to chip in a very significant amount of money to the Snan fund. To thank those individuals, they will have their Twitch username (or another name if they prefer) on the inside walls of the Snan, and their names here on the snebsite!

Everyone below has chipped in at least £100 towards the Snan. Thank you!

  • mattTwood
  • Carrot
  • HPNyarlathotep
  • KoejiLaurant
  • mumofminnie
  • remmy_cat
  • bootrat_
  • ElanorSt
  • e__burger
  • inbtwndays
  • LucasN12121212
  • blueish4
  • Snagamine Snen
  • reverenddan66
  • Karneolius
  • Unicorn_now
  • lilyvortex
  • nectarinewrench
  • Slyyy81
  • hellolovelyscientist
  • 69Garbage_Ass69
  • velvetmilfman
  • Forlorn79
  • realmissannthrope
  • tofuGH0ST
  • mindofdevon
  • spygirl7
  • NotJustBikes
  • CatPlinth
  • bird & sippy
  • Pearfalse
  • Panzeh
  • mscykes
  • peesh
  • PoloLonit
  • Asriel_413
  • beanotbeah
  • caroline
  • folkloredarling
  • slowbird
  • KarlDasLlama
  • tinypantsbear
  • Danni & Izzy
  • regularlodz
  • berkeleyfarm 

Note that anyone can add whatever name they prefer so some names may be here on behalf of other people.

Support the Snan today

If you’d like to help this silly project get and stay on the road, you can chip in here! Contributions will be thanked live on stream even if they are sent while offline. Use your Twitch username or any other name you prefer!